Organoleptic description

Deep dark ruby red which gradually turns into carnet. Powerful and aristocratic nose of ripe fruit, jam, sensations of cocoa, walnut, tobacco and leather. Elegant and powerful wine with a distinct spicy bouquet and with unique flavours. It shows an impressive balance between volume and smoothness, warmth and crispness, austerity and richness. 

Wine making

After the grapes are selected and harvested, they are placed in small cases in dry, well aired rooms. In this way, the grapes dry naturally and gain an extraordinary high concentration of sugars, glycerine, and aromas. After 3 months, the grapes are softly pressed. Due to the low temperature, the process of fermentation is long and slow; maceration takes also more than one month. The wine makes then an ageing in medium-sized Slavonia oak barrels, where it remains for about 30 months. The bottle ageing is at least 8 months before release.