Organoleptic description

Deep garnet red colour. Intense bouquet, delicate with floral impression of violets, iris, wild roses and vanilla. The flavour is full, creamy, sweet, velvety, warm and rich in character.

Wine making

After the grapes are selected and harvested, they are placed in small cases in special dry, well aired rooms. In this way, the grapes dry naturally and obtain an extraordinary high concentration of sugars, glycerine, and aromas. The grapes are pressed towards the end of January. Once the alcoholic content of 13,5% is reached, the fermentation is stopped through decanting and/or refrigeration, so the remaining sugar is not transformed into alcohol and the wine remains sweet. The wine makes then an ageing in Slavonia oak and cherry wood barrels for 6 months. Bottle ageing for at least 2 months before release.