Observe, understand, communicate with the territory and help improve

Our philosophy is based on the deep knowledge of the territory and nature, because wine starts at first from the land. From the observation of our vineyards we understand the authenticity and then we leave the floor to the art of winemaking. Our mission is to produce wines that are going to be the excellent expression of our amazing territory, the area of Valpolicella in all its essence.
Care, dedication and attention to every detail are the pillars of our ethic.

Wine is art

Giuseppe is the winemaker of Nicolis winery and, since he started this profession, works considering winemaking a real expression of art. Each vintage is different and needs a real attention: his objective is to follow and accompany wine in its phases of maturation and refinement, taking action the least possible. Authenticity and elegance are the key words of our philosophy. He selects just the best vintages to produce a unique and inimitable wine. Thanks to the reduced use of sulphites and a wise usage of oak, he is able to donate the right balance in the wine.

The time we dedicate to our wine is the best form of respect

fter a deep selection by hand, the grapes are de-stemmed and gently pressed. On one side, maceration and fermentation temperatures are automatically controlled in stainless steel tanks. On the other side, the grapes intended for Amarone and Recioto production are accurately selected and positioned in baskets (plateaux). These bunches lie in well-aired rooms for at least 3 months and the so-called ‘appassimento’ takes place. Thank to this technique we obtain a extraordinary concentration of sugars and other components such as extracts, glycerin and aromas. Pressing and fermentation occur in winter. Subsequently, the wine is placed in oak barrels for maturation phase (30 months for Amarone, 6 months for Recioto).

Amare l’ambiente
è un piacere,
è nostro dovere

Viviamo su un pianeta bellissimo e unico, è nostro compito prendercene cura. La sostenibilità è uno dei nostri valori fondanti, per arricchire il terreno e non impoverirlo, producendo vini autentici e rispettosi di un terroir prezioso. La raccolta manuale, il sovescio e pratiche agronomiche green ci aiutano a portare avanti una filosofia fatta di cura dell’ambiente, dal vigneto al paesaggio. Proteggere la biodiversità nel vigneto ci aiuta a mantenere le viti in salute.